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Chanel Chain Wrap Protector

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Customised Cushioned Bag Chain Wrap Protector

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Taking care of your luxurious bags is not an issue anymore. Ensure that you simply always have extensive take care of your luxury designer bags. Our Chanel Chain wrap protector makes it more appealing once you use it while being stored away for an extended period of your time.

We make sure that every chain wrap protector we deliver, we are shipping quality assurance that when you receive the item you get, you’ll definitely buy a chaine wrap for your luxury bags again. Experience it now by availing our fast selling Chanel protector.

Hanika guarantees the quality of our custom handmade luxury chain wrap. To maintain our commitment to excellence, every Chanel Chain Wrap offers the following features:

  • Made of velvet fabric
  • Doesn’t accumulate dust easily
  • Non-transferable color
  • Clean stitches
  • High quality material
  • Handmade in Singapore

Actual Sizes

  • Chanel Mini : 12cm x 11cm
  • Chanel Small : 14cm x 12cm
  • Chanel Large/Jumbo : 22cm x 15cm

Additional information

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Chanel Classic Small, Chanel Classic Medium, Chanel Classic Jumbo, Chanel Classic Maxi

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